Simraceway Support and FAQs

About the Game

What is Simraceway
What makes it better than other racing games?
Do I have to be a sim racing expert in order to play Simraceway?

Getting Started

How do I start playing Simraceway?
Do I use the same user name and password for and the Simraceway game?
How do I edit my Simraceway Profile?
How do I add or change my Profile Pic?
How do I change my password?
What is a Racer Plate?
How do I create my Racer Plate?
What do I require in order to play Simraceway?
What are the system requirements for playing Simraceway?
Will Simraceway work with Linux or on a Mac?
Can I play Simraceway offline?
Where can I view Simraceway terms and conditions?

Playing Simraceway

What do I get when I download Simraceway?
What cars are available to buy?
How do I buy a car?
What tracks can I drive on?
What kinds of races and competitions are available?
How do I enter Practice mode?
How do I enter Quick Race?
How do I found out more about an Event?
How do I enter an Event?
How can I view the Events I've already entered?
Will you be adding to the features?
How do I view a replay of one of my races in Simraceway?
How do I view replays of other drivers' races?
How do I purchase the SRW-S1 Steering Wheel?

Payments and Prizes

What can I buy in Simraceway?
How do I buy items and services in Simraceway?
How do I add cash to my Simraceway account?
How do you work out the price of cars?
How do I find out how much it costs to enter an Event?
What prizes can I win in Simraceway?
How much cash can I win in Simraceway Events?
How do I discover the prize for an Event?

Help and Troubleshooting

How do I get help on Simraceway?
What details do I need to send when seeking help on Simraceway?
I've just signed up for a Simraceway account on a device other than my gaming machine. How do I download the game client?
Why can't I enter an Event?
Why can't I see my race time on the Event Leaderboard?
Why can't I view the replay I've just downloaded?
The wrong track loads and then I get kicked from the server!