$ 49.99 + Tax
From SteelSeries.com
A Brand New Way to Race on your PC
Boasting a patented hand lever system, motion-sensitive steering, a unique, portable design, and compatibility with all PC racing games, the SRW-S1 Steering Wheel is the ultimate high-performance, low-maintenance, use-anywhere PC racing controller.
A patented throttle and brake lever system allows full-range acceleration and braking, resulting in a truly authentic racing experience.
Its integrated motion sensor means the SRW-S1 can adapt to every possible driving style and position
$ 49.99 + Tax
From SteelSeries.com
Race your Way
While the SRW-S1 comes preconfigured to operate seamlessly with Simraceway, many of its controls can be customized*, so you can program them to match your driving - and gaming - preferences.
Stay in control
Everything you need, from brake balance controls to assist setting dials, is always in reach. No other wheel on the market can boast this level of functionality.

Perfect Cornering without the Learning Curve
A completely intuitive control system means you don't need a degree in engineering to get the best out of it.
$ 49.99 + Tax
From SteelSeries.com
Works with all PC racing games including:
F1 2011/2
Live for Speed
DiRT Series
Project Cars
Test Drive Unlimited
Need for Speed
Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition

* Some features, including the assists dials and the shift indicator LEDs, may not be compatible with certain titles.