Shinjuku, JP


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By day the parking lots of Shinjuku, an austere administrative hub of Japan, are flooded with suits heading to and from their ordered, office-bound lives. By night, the neatly-painted bays and narrow lanes see a completely different side of human nature as automatony surrenders to autophilia.
The biggest risks are taken at the city's most infamous lot, where racers arrive from across the world to display their mastery of oversteer, tackling 90-degree turns, concrete columns, and parked cars. Races on the 26-turn course are primarily the domain of high-powered, rear-engine machines and small, nimble vehicles able to negotiate tight corners with go-kart precision. One thing is certain though: successful cars must be able to handle the abuse of constant low gear usage throughout the mile-long track as it's transformed each evening into an automotive canvas, using rubber as a medium.